How to Play Slot Machines

Playing slots in a casino is fun, exciting and if played correctly, it can be profitable!

How To Play Slots In A CasinoPart of the excitement of playing slots is knowing what you are doing and knowing what games you should play, and which ones are bottomless pits that you should avoid at all costs!. We will explain to you how to play slots at a casino, so that you are familiar with some of the slots rules, and explain to you some of the more profitable slots strategy and slots tips that you can utilize when you are playing slots. Some people would think of this article as something similar to slots for dummies!

Over the past year, playing casinos online has become increasingly popular, and even more popular is playing slots online for real money. This has become popular with those who are not comfortable with large crowds that can sometimes populate brick and mortar casinos. What makes it most exciting for casino hobbyists playing slots is the ability to win BIG money! Many times in a casino, there are slot machines with very large prize pools, sometimes as big as a 6 figure payday!

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Where To Play Slots

In this section, we will share with you the various areas and show you where to play slots.

If you enjoy sitting down with a drink in your hand, playing slots in a land-based casino, you can find them in many of the states within the United States and all around the world. The majority of slot machines at casinos consist of playing slots for real money. If you are one of those people that aren’t really interested in playing slots in a building with hundreds of people, then maybe playing online is more suited for your type of play. There are plenty of online casinos that will provide you the ability to play online slots for real money.

If you are new to the slots industry, we suggest you that you find a website and practice slots online for free. There are hundreds, if not thousands of websites that you can find slots online to play for free and for real money. In addition to people playing slots online and at various casinos, millions of people each year flock to Sin City to play slots in Las Vegas.

Online Advantages

Land Based Advantages

  • Playing online gives you the ability to play within the comforts of your own home.
  • Larger Prize Structures on higher dollar machines.
  • Much greater game availability and no waiting in long lines to play on a machine.
  • Being in a casino gives you a unique atmosphere that many people enjoy.
  • Ability to play for free to sort of try out a slot machine before you invest any real money.
  • Immediate Payouts the night of the winnings.


Online Disadvantages

Land Based Disadvantages

  • Finding progressive slot casino games is very limited.
  • Some states may not allow casinos and therefore finding a slot machine to play on may be difficult.
  • If you are playing at a random website for real money and the company isn’t licensed, you really have no one to dispute the issue with.
  • Most casinos allow smoking and for the non-smoking players reading this page, it can be very annoying.
  • Can take several weeks to get your winnings from the online casino.
  • At times you will feel obligated to tip the cashier/clerk that is cashing out your winnings.

How To Play Slots In Las Vegas

Sin City is the home of casinos and knowing that they are the home of casinos means that there are a ton of options for slot machines. If you decide to play slot machines in Las Vegas, you will have thousands of different machines available to you. In most cases, casinos are located in hotels so you don’t need to leave your building to play the slots in Vegas. If you aren’t interested in flying to Las Vegas or you are simply closer to the Atlantic City, New Jersey location, you may want to decide to play slots in Atlantic City.

Best Online Slots Casinos For Real Money

Best Online Slots Casinos For Real MoneyWhen looking to play the best slots machines available, hands down the answer is easy, you should always consider checking out an online casino that will allow you to play slots online for real money. One of the main benefits of playing slots online is the fact that you are not forced to partake in some of the annoying trends at brick and mortar casinos.

For example, you can determine if someone will smoke in your own home but in a casino, there may be people smoking heavily, which can bother patrons allergies. Additionally, if you have to walk away from the computer screen, no one is going to jump in your spot but at a regular casino, once you get up, you lose your seat!

Best US Based Slots Online Casinos

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BetOnline Casino $2500 100+ 97.33%


Best International Slots Online Casinos

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How To Play Slots – Basic Rules

In this sections, we are going to teach you how to play slots and most importantly how to win at slots!

Top 5 RulesAnyone can simply throw a quarter in a slot machine and play slots for real money but if you know the rules of the slots and can utilize a few simple traits, you will hopefully increase your chances of leaving the machine or your computer as a winner! If you don’t know the rules of slots, you will waste money and overspend, so it is of utmost importance to spend some time knowing each slot machine. Playing slots is simple, easy and most of all, extremely fun!

Compared to other casino games, playing slots is by far much easier because there is less skill and thinking needed to win.

Slots Rule Number 1 – The first thing you will do is determine how much money you are willing to spend on each spin. Each slot game is different ranging from penny games to dollar games. It really depends on your budget and how much you are willing to play.

Slots Rule Number 2 – When you figure out how much you want to play, next you will need to figure out how many lines you will want to play. Slot Machines are usually broken down into two styles, Multi-Line Machines and Single-Line Machines. This will also depend on how much you will want to spend on each spin.

Slots Rule Number 3 – Next, you’re going to want to spend time learning the paylines. The paylines vary on each machine and can usually be found in each game. It is highly suggested that you study the paylines before you play any slot machine game.

Slots Rule Number 4 – Another aspect that you want to be aware of is some machines and online games will have bonus structures and bonus symbols that can be greatly beneficial to your winning ability. Some machines and online slot games use a bonus symbol, some use a scatter, some use the word “Wild” but most have something that increases your chances of winning at slots.

Slots Rule Number 5 – Finally, you want to make sure you are aware of how to obtain free spins while playing slots. Some machines and online games are easy to understand when it comes to free spins because it actually says it right on the icon or shows how to receive a free spin but other machines can be a little more hidden such as hitting 3 cherries or 3 diamonds will earn you 5 free spins. Make sure you know what will earn those free spins because free spins are what will extend your playing ability and increase your winnings.

Best Slots Strategy

When you initially start playing slots, over time you will come up with your best slots strategy that wins. You will quickly figure out that you are competing against the house edge and finding how to make money playing slots is a unique process. You will want to make sure you don’t make haphazard bets that have slim to no chance of giving you a return on your investment and will want to come up with a winning slots strategy that works for your play style. The following are the best slots strategies that win.

Slots Strategy Number 1 – The first thing is simply play for fun. Enjoy yourself and have fun playing slots with a chance to make some extra money while playing. This should be an enjoyable way for you enjoy some free time and nothing more, knowing that the odds are in the house’s favor.

Slots Strategy Number 2 – One of the best winnings slots strategy that many people believe in is simply playing higher dollar games. Sure, you can play more games with pennies than you can with dollars but the payoff is much higher with the larger cost games.

Slots Strategy Number 3 – Another one of our best slots strategy that you can utilize is making sure, if you are playing progressive slots, that you are playing enough money to qualify for the progressive jackpot. There is nothing worse than playing a progressive game and gaining momentum, only to find out that you haven’t spend enough money to qualify for the jackpot.

Slots Strategy Number 4 – One of top recommended slots optimal strategy inside a brick and mortar casino that the experts will tell you is to start small and build up steam. If you are looking to spend $100.00 dollars in a machine, you won’t want to walk up and play one game for $50.00 dollars because you will only have 2 spins.

Slots Strategy Number 5 – When you are deciding if you are going to play at an online casino or will venture out to an actual casino, you will want to know what are the best ways and how to make money playing slots. Even though you want to have fun and shouldn’t be playing with next month’s mortgage payment, you want to stack the deck in your favor. Therefore, we tell people to look for machines that nearly hit, time and time again. Chances are, if the machine is close to hitting, it will eventually hit and the odds are starting to swing in your favor as there have been less large hits.

Slot Machine Payout Schedule

Slot Machine Payout ScheduleWinning at slots requires understanding slots house edge. Part of that edge is dependant on knowing how the slots payout. Online casinos and brick and mortar casinos both rely heavily on the probability of slots being stacked in their favor with the slot machine payout pattern falling on their side more times than not. Many people believe that slots odds of winning rely on the payout schedule but the reality is there is no payout schedule and the machines are based on more of a percentage to make sure the house has the decisive edge.

If you want to increase your odds of winning, you should slow down your play. Players that play at a rapid rate will always win less than those that slow down and allow the other players contributing to a number of spins on the reel.

Another way of decreasing the house edge and increase your payout is to play more games that have free spins and/or scatters to give you more chances to play for less money. These will increase the number of times you can play for less money since they are free plays.

Finally, to get the maximum benefit out of your slot time, play less of the penny machines and more of the dollar machines. As we said earlier, the higher the cost, the higher the prize so make sure you are playing the machines that take the edge away from the house and place more on your side.

How To Play Slots And Win – Avoid Mistakes

Attention - Avoid MistakesThe best way to play and win at slots, whether in a regular casino or online casino is to follow the simple rule of bankroll management, especially if you are a beginner. As with any casino game, there are many slots mistakes that can be made to cost you a significant amount of money. If you utilize a strategy of bankroll management, in addition to the advice we provide you with this article, your chances of winning will drastically be increased.

In the sections to follow, we will give you some mistakes to avoid and also some tips at online casinos.

Worst Slots Mistakes

There are many slots mistakes that you will want to avoid. Some of the most common slots mistake that people make while playing slots are some of the main reasons people lose money while playing slots. Part of your sustained playing on a slot machine or online casino game will rely heavily on avoiding those types of mistakes.

Slots Mistake Number 1 – The first thing we want to mention is do not assume that a slot machine is due to pay or due for a big hit. There is no way of telling when or if a certain machine or particular online slot game is due to payout a big winner!

Slots Mistake Number 2 – Next, if you have never heard of the online casino, why would you take a chance of playing there? If there isn’t a reliable track record of them being legitimate and having a decent payout rate, then move on to a more reliable and trustworthy online casino.

Slots Mistake Number 3 – Another way to surely crucify your sustainability at a slot game is poor bankroll management. You must be able to manage your bankroll so that you are able to play for longer lengths of time and increase your chance of winning.

Slots Mistake Number 4 – By far one of the worst mistakes that slot players make is chasing a loss. If you are having a bad day or not cashing any winners, don’t increase the amount of your budget just to try to get back that money. If you find yourself on a losing streak, call it a day and come back tomorrow!

Slots Mistake Number 5 – Lastly, one thing to avoid is constantly betting max credits. Many people will disagree with me but in my opinion, there is no quicker way to drain a bankroll than to automatically bet max credits each and every time. Betting max credits will cost you $5-$10 and if your budget is $100, that means you will only have 10-20 spins without a winner before you are drained of budgeted funds.

Tips For Playing Slots At Online Casino

There are many various tips that we can offer for how to play slots at online casinos and how to play slots for real money online that can help you along the way.

Slots Online CasinoThe first thing we always recommend is to find a website that will allow you to practice slots online for free. This will give you the added benefit of testing out the game before investing any significant amount of money into the slots game. Playing slots online is less involved in the etiquette of a casino as you aren’t able to do things that annoy other players such as playing on more than one game, leaving players club card in a machine, smoking in the casino, forced tipping and worrying about your interactions with employees and other players.

Keep in mind that some rules found at land based casinos do not apply to the online casinos and many of the rules that apply for online casino games are more beneficial to a player than are those of the regular casino.

Slots Game Variations

There are tons of variations of slots at online casinos. Players can choose to play at single-line or multi-line slot games, as well as progressive and non-progressive slot games. Players can play for various denominations like penny, nickel, quarters and dollars. Players can also play many variations when it comes to number of reels, such as 3 reel, 5 reel, 6 reel and 7 reel games.

Practice Slots Online For Free

If you are new to slots, or are just looking to practice slots online for free, you have a plethora of options available to you. Most online casinos will allow you to play online slots for free, permitting you have an active account with their casino. You can play at casinos such as BetOnline and Betway for free, by using your bonus feature that will give you free plays to play for real money!

How To Play Penny Slots

Playing penny slots is one of the easiest ways to extend your playing time, however, penny slots odds are sometimes not that great! You can learn how to play penny slots machines by the experience of just jumping in and playing a few cents to get you started. Some of the top penny slots that we like to play over at BetOnline are Jolly Rodger’s Jackpot, Rise of Poseidon, Windy Farm and Mystic Wolf.

Choosing Reputable Online Casino To Play Slots

The single most important aspect of playing at an online casino is choosing one that is respected, reputable and experienced. When you are looking for an online casino for slots, you must do your due diligence to figure out what casino is right for you and which ones are recommended by previous players. You can go on most sports and casino forums to learn how to pick trusted casinos to play slots.

Make sure you look for sites that are licensed and registered within the state or country that they conduct business in as you will have no means of appealing decisions or filing complaints with if you do not agree with an incident while you play.

Slots Online Casino: How To Play For Real Money

Playing Slots Step 1 – Playing online slot machines for cash is a simple process that can be taught in a matter of a few short steps. First and foremost, you will need to sign up for an account at one of our recommended sites. Signing up is as easy as name, date of birth to verify age and contact information to mail out your winnings.

Playing Slots Step 2  – Next, if you intend to play slot machines for cash, you will need to make a deposit. Making a deposit has become increasingly easier over the year and now can be made by various means such as Bitcoin, Credit Card and Wire Transfers.

Playing Slots Step 3  – After you make your deposit, you will want to make sure you receive all of the entitled bonus features that you are eligible for. Many of the online casinos will offer you very nice incentives to earn your business.

Playing Slots Step 4  – After you make your deposit and receive your bonus, the next step will be to jump on in and find the game that you are interested in playing. Make sure you look for a game that fits your budget and one that you are familiar with so you have a little bit of knowledge while playing.

Playing Slots Step 5  – After you play the slot game and earn some money, you will need to know how to make a withdraw. Making a withdraw is actually very easy and can be done in a few simple steps. First start by contacting customer service and advising them of your request. Then you will need to figure out how you want to receive your money. Most will pay you in either Bitcoin, Check or debit card deposit.

History Of Slot Machines

The history of slot machines dates back to the original inventor in 1895, a car mechanic named Charles Fey. The first slot machine that Fey invented was the Liberty Bell, which had three spinning reels that consisted of a Diamond, Spade and Heart and also an image of a cracked Liberty Bell. Over time, slot machines have gone from only being placed in bars and saloons at a 50/50 split with the business owner to what they are now, where people can be found in areas across the world playing slots for real money in casinos.

When Frey first initially invented the Liberty Bell, the demand was so high that Fey couldn’t keep up with the demand and this created the need for slot machine manufacturers to enter the casino industry. The casino industry has gone from a single piece of equipment, the Liberty Bell, to now having hundreds of thousands of games and machines to play on, at casinos around the world.

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