Live Dealer Roulette

live dealer rouletteRoulette has been played by gamblers and gaming enthusiasts for several centuries now, and over that time the game hasn’t changed that much.

A series of bets are placed before the numbered wheel spins, with a small ivory or metallic ball flung around and around until it decides the fate of each wager.

While not a game of skill, roulette is perhaps the quintessential casino game: open to all and imbued with an unrivaled sense of potential.

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Casino Roulette Nowadays

Today, hundreds of years after the game was first created, roulette still exists largely in the traditional form. Online casinos have tried to replicate the unique experience of enjoying a live online roulette table in action, but without the sounds and sights of an actual casino, the game just isn’t the same.

Simply put, roulette is a sensory experience. The game is based as much on watching the wheel slowly spin, each bounce of the ball coming close to cashing in a winner for someone at the table, as it is on the act of betting.

Roulette Experience

Although it’s true that traditional online casinos do a decent job of transporting the casino experience directly to your personal computer, roulette has always been one of the more difficult games to recreate.

Players are invariably suspicious of a simple on-screen graphic telling them that they didn’t hit their bet, and even though random number generators are largely on the level, without seeing the ball land one can never be quite sure.

Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette enthusiasts can rejoice, however, as the live dealer software platform has finally found a way to deliver an authentic casino experience right to your home. Combining state of the art live streaming technology with mobile broadcasting capability, live dealer records real live dealers as they run the wheel.

By connecting you to an actual casino roulette table, live dealer play gives you the chance to spread your bets and sit back just like they do in Las Vegas. Instead of hoping for a random number generator to spit back a win or a loss – which makes for a less than thrilling game of roulette – live dealer roulette lets you watch a real wheel spin and an actual ball bounce before the bets are settled.

Popular live dealer roulette platforms include Net Entertainment, Evolution Gaming (used by 888 Casino), Playtech, and Rival (used by BetOnline Casino).

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How It Works – Live Online Roulette

Live streaming is the wave of the future, and for roulette fans all around the world, the future is now. The innovative live dealer roulette concept incorporates a real casino dealer doing their thing from the floor of a licensed brick and mortar gaming establishment.

Live Online Casino Roulette Setting

A genuine roulette table and wheel complete the setting, and after you complete your wagers along with the other players on the spin the action begins.

The dealer spins and fires just like you’ve seen on television or in the movies. If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Las Vegas or Atlantic City, enjoying a game of live dealer roulette is the next best thing.

Nothing beats the sound of the wheel spinning round and round, and the suspense of waiting for the ball to make its final bounce can be both excruciating and exhilarating all at once.

An Interactive Game

What makes live dealer roulette so special is the game’s interactive nature. The power of live streaming means you’ll soon be absorbed in the action, listening to the dealer make conversation, tracking the wagers made by your table mates, and spreading your own action around.

Unlike traditional online casinos, you’ll never find yourself becoming bored during a game of live dealer roulette because each spin of the wheel brings something new to the table.

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How to Play Live Roulette

Roulette is one of the easiest games to adapt to the live dealer casino platform. This is because a series of sometimes complicated betting mechanics can be simplified without sacrificing the game’s charm.

New players often report a feeling of intimidation when trying out a live roulette table. This is because there is only so much time to place your bets before the dealer waves her hand and ends the round.

You may want to try out some tricky corner bets, but with only a few seconds to get the chips in at a brick and mortar roulette table, and several people jockeying for position, it can be easier said than done.

Starting To Play

For many new players, live roulette can be overwhelming, and between the time crunch imposed by the dealer and the crush of neighbors making their own bets, who can blame them? The beauty of a live dealer roulette table is that the game doesn’t begin until all players have completed their wagers.

Only after everyone at the table has a chance to make their desired bets will the dealer spin the wheel. By removing the intimidation factor, live dealer roulette makes playing this age-old casino classic easier than ever.

Initial Bets

A simple interface accompanies the broadcast bringing the roulette table right to your computer screen. Built to resemble an actual roulette table, complete with the classic numbered grid with both inside and outside bets, this interface allows you to click your wagers in without becoming bogged down by chips, elbows, or anything else.

Once your bets are locked in, all eyes move to the real roulette wheel as it spins into gear, before the bouncing ball dips and dives, delivering some of the casino’s most generous payouts if your chosen number comes through.

Live Dealer Roulette 2

Rules – Live Dealer Roulette

While there are dozens of platform providers spreading live dealer roulette games, house rules vary from venue to venue, so make sure to read closely before making your first bet.

With that said, live online roulette is fairly standardized in terms of wheel layout and payout structure. You’ll be playing with a single zero roulette wheel on live dealer platforms, also known as the European version of the game.

Payouts & Betting Limits

Payouts on winning wagers are made according to the traditional roulette pay structure, so red or black bets pay out at 1 to 1, while straight up single number selections pay out at 35 to 1.

The betting limits for live casino roulette range from as low as $0.10 on certain platform providers to as high as $10 on others. Just like in a brick and mortar casino, you’ll never lack for options when it comes to betting limits, so exercising bankroll management shouldn’t be an issue.

Types of Live Casino Roulette Games

When it comes to playing live dealer roulette, there are several options available. The live roulette variant available to you will depend on the online casino in which you visit. The basic European and American versions are almost always available as well as VIP Live Roulette, Live Double Ball Roulette, Immersive Roulette, French Roulette and More.

European Roulette

This version is popular due to the single zero on the roulette wheel and the lower house edge. With Live European Roulette, the roulette wheel has the traditional numbers 1-36 in black and red with the zero placed on the wheel in green. The house edge in this game is 2.70% and is the lowest percentage found in a roulette game.


live european roulette

Players are offered two major types of betting when it comes to live European roulette; Inside Bets and Outside Bets.

The Inside Bets will be made on specific numbers or a small group of numbers. This betting category has a smaller chance of success but will payout more. Outside Bets will be placed in a large rectangle of numbers on the felt. Players will be betting on larger groups of numbers. The payouts will be smaller but the odds of hitting this wagering type are higher.


To play the game, you choose which type of wager you wish to place and then place your bets on the rectangle felt table known as the baize. The dealer will drop the ball on the spinning wheel and hopefully, the right number is chosen to help you win the wager. The return to player percentage for this game is 97.3%.

American Roulette

This version of roulette has the same appearance as the European variant regarding numbers 1-36 but has the double zero along with the single zero on the roulette wheel. This raises the house edge just a bit more than the European version.

The house edge for this game 5.26%. The American version is played in the same way as the European option, with Inside and Outside bets being the main wagering types. The return to player percentage within this game is 94.74%.

French Roulette

French roulette works the same as European roulette but with a different layout on the baize. The term baize is used to describe the felt rectangle on the gaming table where bets are placed. French roulette uses the traditional layout that was first used when roulette was created.

This version of live dealer roulette has the La Partage rule. With this rule, players will get half their even money stake back if the ball lands in the zero slot. This game has a return to player percentage of 98.5% with a house edge of 1.35% when you are placing even money bets. Because of this rule, players will find they are better off playing even money bets.

Other Types of Live Roulette

live rouletteLive Streamed Roulette — This game type refers to live dealer roulette that is streamed from inside a land-based casino. Players can easily take part in live action from the comfort of home.

Live Double Ball Roulette — This is a new variation found within online casinos offering live dealer roulette. The game adds a second ball which opens up a new range of betting options. If both balls manage to land on the same number, you can win 1300:1.

Auto or Slingshot Live Roulette — This is a live version of roulette but without the live dealer. The spins are super-fast which makes this version very popular among gamers.

Live Roulette with Sidebets Sidebets are found in many areas of casino gaming. With this version of roulette, players have additional wagering options on top of the traditional roulette wagers.

Tips for Playing 

There are some tips that players can use to have a more successful roulette game. Following these tips can improve gameplay as well as ensure you enjoy your time online.

  1. Choose the right variation of live roulette: When visiting an online casino, you will find that there is not a large selection of live roulette. French, American and European are the most common options. Avoid American as it has the highest house percentage. With the La Partage rule, French roulette offers the lowest house edge at 1.35%.
  2. Understand the Odds: The highest paying bet found within the game of roulette is a single number bet. The worst game move is to place one big wager on a single number. Bet on more numbers by dividing your stake to have a higher potential to win.
  3. Don’t Risk It All on Betting Systems: Betting systems can work, but you need a large bankroll to see your efforts pan out. No betting system is guaranteed, and you should know this. Don’t count on betting systems to provide you with a win every time you play.
  4. Bet Large with Outside Bets: If you want to make a big bet, go with an outside option. An outside bet like Red/Black or Even/Odd will pay out 1 to 1 or 2 to 1, giving you a better opportunity to win more.

Best Online Casinos to Play Live Dealer Roulette

A live game of roulette is best enjoyed in a great casino. Below you will find our top selection of online casinos to ensure safe and secure gaming for Non-US and US players.

For US-Players


bet onlineIt is a top option for US players. This casino provides two versions of live roulette: American and European. With each version, players can choose a table with stakes of $1 to $100, $5 to $500 and $25 to $2500. While there is no specific bonus that can be cleared with the game of roulette, there is an option to earn a $25 free play credit. Wager $25 on live dealer games and email customer support within 24 hours of the wager to be given $25 in free play for sports wagering.

Payouts: Once you have played live roulette at BetOnline, you can cash out your winnings via several banking methods including Bitcoin, NETELLER, SKRILL, Money Orders and more.

Las Vegas Casino USA

Las Vegas USA Casino LogoPlayers can choose to play at the American or European Roulette tables. Choose your table based on the stake level, with $1-$100, $5-$500 and $5-$1000 on offer.

Payouts: Once you have made a deposit and successfully earned a few wins, use any of the quality banking methods to withdraw your cash. Players can choose a check by mail. Check by courier or direct payout via ACH.

For Non-US Players

BetWay Casino

betway live casinoWhen it comes to live dealer roulette, the site offers quality variations including European roulette, Immersive, French, Exclusive and Speed Roulette. Betting limits are 1 to 5,000 with VIP limits available upon application.

Payouts: Players can make a withdrawal after earning a few wins via a variety of methods including NETELLER, Skrill, Paysafecard, PayPal and more.


888-logoAnother great option as it provides a plethora of variations. The site actually has ten different versions of live dealer roulette, so players will have no trouble finding an option for gameplay. Try exclusive tables, immersive, French roulette, dragonara and more. 888Casino knows that their players live around the world, so they offer language options like German and Italian. This allows players to enjoy the game in their native language. Wager from £1 – £40,000 during live roulette gameplay.

Special Bonuses: Players of Live Dealer Roulette at 888Casino can take advantage of Live Casino Daily Lucky 8, earning a bonus every time the roulette ball his an 8. Players need to take a seat at the Live Casino roulette tables in a private room at 888 from 8pm to 9pm GMT each day and place a bet of £8 during the event hours. If the ball lands on 8, you win a bonus of £8.

Payouts: Once you earn a few wins and want to cash out, use a number of quality methods for withdrawal at 888Casino including Visa Credit Card, Maestro Debit, MasterCard via Bacs, Skrill, NETELLER, PayPal and more.